This is a pre-Beta version of whatever this is called, and is guaranteed to be full of juicy bugs. Things are gonna change, saves will break, etc.. so don’t get too attached to your creations! At least, not yet, anyway…

Map Editor Instructions:
Tiles Menu: ‘t’
Walls Menu: ‘w’
Decorations Menu: ‘d’

Paint: Left Mouse
Erase: Right Mouse
Mirror Brush: ‘x’ or Mousewheel
Flip Brush: ‘y’ or Mousewheel
Clear Brush: ‘c’

Blend Tiles: Use the Numpad to choose which corner/side of your current brush to paint (press again to toggle large/small corners). Press ‘5’ to return to standard tile mode.
(Blend Tiles can only erase/replace Blend Tiles, Standard Tiles can only erase/replace Standard Tiles)

Layer Visibility: Shift + (t/w/d/etc) OR checkbox
Pan: Ctrl OR Middle Mouse
Zoom: Ctrl + Mouse Wheel
Fullscreen: ‘f’
Grid: ‘g’
Board Borderer: ‘b’

[Save] pulls up a textbox. Enter filename and hit enter. Esc to cancel.
[Load] brings up a menu of your saved maps. Double-click to Load.


Changelog can eat my dust.

put button tooltips. completely unnecessary. but i didn’t sleep yet and it felt good to accomplish something.
rearranged the lobby for prettiness. added some buttons that don’t work yet
made checkboxes stop focusizing so keyboard can stay in charge
set up character editor layout

save/load works for walls and overlay tiles
made a loady list for loadying
made the guy snappy/draggy again
made a button so you can get back to the lobby
started writing dates like the rest of the world

made a harder/better/faster/stronger mapsave function
got ‘er loading too.. (only works for tile layer at the moment)

put some text that was in the wrong place in the right place
fixed the thing where blank save name erased all the saves

tried to make things work
made chat work from mapmakins layout
got a map save/load (to the server) setup going
made this here version live at this here testing grounds

more chattaby
more chatannels
private messages (not to be confused with privates massage)

designed chattabby system
started implementing chat channels

almost getting the hang of this firebase thang..
more login + lobby
create account
username available or not
fixed tab indexages
sign in with username or email
single login (auto-kick)
got world chat going

login + lobby started

fadey border around text box (which I promptly broke and then got too distracted to fix)
started switching all MP over to firebase

host loaded games load for peers now (not so good with large maps… yet)
names over heads so you can tell who’s who
brush clears on chatbox clear
chatbox unfocuses on Esc

fixed up decor, made it work MP
fixed clear bug
cleaned out a bunch of unused junk

more multiplayerizing
peers can draw tiles/walls if host says so (by pressing ‘m’) (overlay tiles and decor not yet working)
player figures move around multiplayer style
set other players bases black so you can tell who’s who (or at least who’s not you)
fixed overlay tiles for MP
fixed text scroll

mousewheel spins walls
cleaned up messed up halfwall shading
reorganized wall menu

lots more walls
mousewheel spins tiles

added multiplayer lobby
did more multiplayerizing

made a torch
lots more tiles and walls
started multiplayerizing
hotslots aren’t so useful anymore. goodbye, old friend.

made a prettier BG
changed test miniature to something I could relate to
fixed miniature snap
made/added shortwalls
added shade tiles and edgy piece to decor. wwwhhoooaaa… it’s 3-D.

added corner toggler to numpad blendy keys
made shade masks mo betta
some more walls

added overtiles checkbox & shift + o to toggle it
squished some bugs
played with it… it’s fun.
changed file type to something more appropriate so you won’t get offended
added grid, grid autosizems, and grid checkbox
more tiles and walls!

made stupid gradients at stupid angles
got mad at seams
read the internet. didn’t help.
implemented fancy pantsy tile overlay blendy thang (implemented some fancy pantsy bugs, too)
told the tile generator to pack her things and be out by 5

made a tile generator to automagically create blended tiles
redit AAALLLLLLLLL the art (for a bright and better future)

wall cursor now empty when erasing
fixed character tile snap
figured out better corner tiles
added a few more tiles

added NumPad movement to character
cleared brush can now move walls and decor
broke all the menus and got real pissed (actually, they were already broke. they just worked anyway.)
now they work again. AND they’re fixed!

implemented Hotkeys/slots
added original BG
started implementing decor menu
added tree as decoration to test decor

fixed walls up real nice (Zsort still funky)
changed wall marker to mo betta

added scrollbars to menus

changed file type to .ass, because why wouldn’t I?

fixed bugs: wall menu layer was moving around
tilepaint was getting turned off when menus closed by esc
walls aren’t half-impossible to select anymore. (they’re not half-possible either. well, they are. but more, too.)
fixed (i think) bug where walls and tiles where getting picked simultaneously and placed on each other’s layers, and all kinda of other
fun stufftt.
Brush now waits for next click (instead of 0.1 seconds)
gave walls their own marker+snapgrid
more tiles!
switched board border board borderer bored bora bora to hotkey (‘b’) instead of automagic to avoid lag on large boards

board borders hidden when erasing so it’s not so ugly
walls added (along with some fiesty bugs)
bunch of aarontiles added
aaronwalls added
shift + (t/w/etc) shows/hides layers

fixed menutiles not disappearing if [clear]ed while menu was up
added visibility checkbox for tiles layer
added more colour tiles (and duplicates) to implement menu scroll
made new tiles work on old saves (backward compatability)(cept, if you change the tiles frames, everything everywhere changes. so don’t do that.)
added menu scroll (scroll wheel)
fixed owsley bug (where both clicks makes you draw outline tiles). now you can hold one click and use the other to pause its functionality. kinda cool.
made zoom ctrl+mouse wheel (instead of just mouse wheel)
fixed: button focus was breaking hotkeys (checkbox still does it)
made this page. ‘f’ for fullscreen.
Added obnoxiously huge BG (temp) image.
Added automatic board border boarder borderer. which, ironically, makes you feel less bored.

keyboard ‘c’ clears brush (and eraser)
middle mouse OR ctrl pans view
added walls (as tiles) for experimenting/seeing how annoying/solving
zoom with rolly wheel
fixed overzealous eraser
made some ugly things disappear that you couldn’t see but now you could but now you can’t.
danced with witches in moonlight.
programmed shift+(#) to destroy (#) hotkey… (least I know I can get to it…)
clear button added
save and load.