Ludum Dare Games

Ludum Dare
is the world’s largest and longest-running online game jam. Games are created entirely from scratch, by one person, in just 48 hours. I have participated twice and intend to do so many more times in the future. Here are the games I created:


Made in August 2014 for LD #30, Filter Prism is my first “complete” game and is a rough prototype for Project Hex: GEO, my first serious project as a game developer.

It is a platform puzzle that the player solves by placing different-coloured platforms, each with their own unique effect. I made the classic, rookie mistake of making it practically impossible, although my brother was able to beat it (with no inside information whatsoever). He made a walkthrough video of it just to prove it can be done. As far as I’m aware, he’s the only person to ever beat it besides myself.


Made in December 2014 for LD#31, Snowbert is my second complete (albeit, short) game.


It is a simple point-and-click adventure game where you get to build a snowman. Learning from the mistakes I made on Filter Prism, I made Snowbert a very simple and easy-to-play game. As a result, it has received many nice comments from the Ludum Dare community.

Tools used to create Filter Prism & Snowbert:
Construct 2 game creation software.
Adobe Photoshop
Propellerhead’s Reason music production software