Project Hex: GEO

Added Playtesting to the Level Makerinizer. It’s explodifferic! Check it out! The video also shows how all the buttons operentate. I’ll tell you, too, so you don’t have to try and guess what’s happenighting. Each button has one possible input and two possible outputs. If a button has an input […]

Playtestability and other made up words…

I started my Friday night a bit early… but here goes: I’ve been back to work on GEO for a few weeks now. I’m building a level editor so we can all make levels. Because making levels is fun. It’s not much yet, but here’s a really low quality video […]

Level Editor + A Few New Tilemaps

My head hurts. I need to take a break for a little while. Here are a few things that will be brought into existence after the break: Plasma Globe Dandelions,  Chainsaw Thorns, Flame Loti, Helix Laser Doors and more! PS I may or may not be looking for help to […]

Project Hex: GEO – I Need a Break

Now that the demo is complete, It’s time to let yous guys know our plans for the future of Project Hex: GEO. Here’s the “TL;DR” of it in the form of a loose, monthly schedule: February: Clean up and finish code March: Start making way better and more fun art. […]

Project Hex: GEO – The Future of GEO

Play the Demo here! It took 2 consecutive all-nighters and 9 energy drinks, but the demo is complete! We also managed to get the website up, finally. I’ll probably add some more pretty pictures to it and such when my mind starts working again. Please check it out and […]

Project Hex: GEO Demo is COMPLETE!