A little about Elle (+ concept sketches!)

Elle herself.


Elle is a woodsy, survival-action-adventure game led by a bionically-armed archer of the same name.

Hand/Orb Members

Elle takes place some years after an alien apocalypse ended The Crusades and thus, civilization as we know it.
Albion has been blown into the sky and only two factions remain:

The Hand: Secret keepers of the old ways
The Orb: Advanced beings from the future who aim to end The Hand.

As a poor orphan who had to steal to eat and learn self-defense on her own, Elle’s archery and stealth skills are unmatched. In addition to her trusty bow, Elle also has a prosthetic left hand which becomes a sort of swiss army knife of various attachments which are discovered throughout the game.

As Elle explores what’s left of this post-apocalyptic world, she will meet a few companions along the way.
One, a large, fast-talking snail named Tuk who doubles as your inventory and is never without an opinion.
Another, a giant and wise turtle named Scarlok who will take you between islands and allow you to build atop his back..
and perhaps others…

Tuk the snail

Survive in 6 mystical biomes, each with its own unique set of trees, plants, animals, and other resources for you to harvest!

Craft an assortment of magical arrows and other survival tools!

Magical Arrows

Discover powerful prosthetic-arm attachments like chainsaws and lasers and laser chainsaws!

Befriend or Destroy settlements of either faction (The Hand/The Orb)!



…and now it’s time for a quick episode of “Spacing Out with SpaceDoubt”

Question: Which is better for evolution; succeeding at a few things, or failing at a lot of things?
Answer: Failing. Failure is the main ingredient to success.
So do yourself a favour and go ahead and fail. A lot.

After all, desire attained is not, in fact, desire.


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