Mode 7 and the Billion Mucks

If you happened to read my last blog post, you know that I’ve recently started learning Godot with the intention of building a toolset from which a plethora of games may burst forth. Learning Godot has been going much faster than I expected. I’ve created a pretty powerful little Mode 7 tool which I can use to make 2D images into “3D” worlds.

Despite Mode 7’s being notoriously difficult to work with, this tool makes it quite easy to set up a fake 3D camera and I’ve even saved a few presets (using the mario kart map for reference). It works nicely with any overhead-view map or Godot’s Tilemap feature which is pretty great. This is essentially the backbone of what I’ve decided to call the “Billion Mucks” game engine.

tl;dr we making 3rd-person RPGs and Racecar games!


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