New Project Announced: Elle 2

It’s time to drop a new log in the proverbial toilet known as the internet.
Thus begins the devlog for my latest and greatest project, a story-driven RPG set in a survival/crafting world.
Her name is Elle.

(current art is temporary and will be replaced)

Currently, Elle basically consists of the following:
Procedurally generated Islands covered in procedurally generated forests.
Hand-Tree Harvesting
Saw-Tree Harvesting
Giant Snail Inventory
Mode 7 + some tricky nonsense for faking 3D

I’m not exactly sure what features to expect next. The current ones are a giant mess, so the first real order of business is to get the code cleaned up like an unsolvable crime scene. I’m talking checking-the-baseboards-for-bloodstains type of stuff.


…and now it’s time for the premiere edition of Spacing Out with SpaceDoubt:
I think one of the biggest mistakes creative people make is talking – specifically about new projects or ideas.

Let’s be honest, we create things because we want people to like them. Somewhere, we figured out that making stuff that other people enjoy feels good – really good. As a result, we often rush towards that feeling without even realizing it.

We get a cool idea for something and we run around telling everybody, “I’m going to make this great thing, and you’re going to love it!” and people believe us and they get excited with us, if only for a moment, and then we get our fix.

The problem is, that fix isn’t supposed to come until AFTER we have finished the project. Giving your brain that reward before you’ve even rolled up your sleeves can kill motivation in an instant. What’s the point of actually completing the project if your brain has already found that reward?

This is why all creative people have a million “half-finished” projects. It’s also why they tend to be drug-addicts, but that’s another story for another time…

Next time you have a great idea, challenge yourself to complete as much of it as possible before even mentioning it to anyone, and even then, talk more about what you’ve already accomplished than what you plan to. You’d be surprised at the difference in motivation. Additionally, people will start to see you less like someone who has cool ideas, and more like someone who makes cool stuff.


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