Project Hex: GEO – The Future of GEO

Now that the demo is complete, It’s time to let yous guys know our plans for the future of Project Hex: GEO.

Here’s the “TL;DR” of it in the form of a loose, monthly schedule:

February: Clean up and finish code
March: Start making way better and more fun art. Possibly run a kickstarter.
April: Release ALPHA version and gather data on bugs and gameplay elements that need tweaking. Continue working on art.
May: Fix and tweak said bugs and gameplay elements. Continue working on art.
June: Release BETA version, finish up art, Start adding better sounds and music.
July: Continue BETA testing, finish up sounds and music. Prepare for Final release!
August: Game is complete! Do all the press thang. Depending on funds, possibly get a booth at PAX Prime.

I’m just one man doing all these things while my brother cracks the whip to keep me working, so it’s likely this schedule will change.

For a more detailed version, read on:

Here’s a breakdown of where I feel like we’re at currently:
Code: 75%
Art: 15%
Sound: 10%
Music: 15%

As you can see, I pretty much coded the game and then threw together everything else so the demo would at least feel like a real game. I intend to do a much better job on all of it, especially the art style.

My first order of business is to clean up and finish the code. In my scramble to make the deadline, things started to get a bit messy. So over the next few weeks, I will be finishing the fire-breathing mechanics and cleaning up everything which will result in a more efficiently running game, which, in turn, will allow me to include a lot more and better graphics.

After the code is complete, I’m going to give the graphics a complete overhaul. The only art I intend to keep are the lab tiles and some of GEO’s animations. Specifically, I want to change all of the things GEO interacts with into Genetically Altered Plants (GAPs). For example: mushroom buttons, vine lifts, etc.. Don’t worry, I’m not going to turn it into a jungle or anything. I still intend for it to feel very abandoned lab. In this way, I can add a lot of colour and fun but still within a sterile lab environment.

Some other important aspects of the art which are missing from the demo are a background, Reanimation Stations (the green start-point boxes, and APEs (red end-point boxes). These are important storytelling elements that let you know GEO is a clone and that killing him is just part of the game. The Reanimation Station RT, or “Re-Sta RT”, is the finest in DNA reconstruction and there is no better way to dispose of an unneeded clone than the APE, or “Automatic Process for Euthanization”.

Most of GEO’s current animations will make it to the final version, but there will be A LOT more. Especially death animations. We want dying to be hilariously fun. Think Wile E. Coyote. Electrocuted, burnt to a crisp, flattened like a pancake, etc.. I intend to use these to add some permanence to the game in that, when GEO dies, his hilariously mutilated corpse will still be there next time you run by with your new GEO clone.

There’s not much to say specifically about the sound, just that it will be done a lot better. Every sound effect in the demo was added the week it was released, so it’s nothing special. And if it seems viable, we will release a full soundtrack for the game.

We basically already have a kickstarter set up and are just waiting for the right moment to run it. We’re keeping an eye on how much interest the game seems to be generating and we hope to run the kickstarter in March or April. If you’ve read this far, then obviously you’re interested. We’d really appreciate it if you’d head over to and hit the share buttons at the bottom of the page. Thanks!


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