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Elle [Current Project]

My latest project is Elle, a survival-adventure starring a fox with amnesia and a mechanical arm. It is being developed with a small team called Stonewood Games.

For more information, please check out www.StonewoodGames.com!

Devlog: Stonewood Games

Solo Dev’s Quest for the Shortest Route (1 Month of Blender)

I’ve mentioned in several of my previous posts that the absolute best way to get people interested in your game before they can actually play it is with art/visuals. I finally decided to put my money where my mouth is and I spent the last month learning Blender, so now I’ve got all kindsa stuff […]

Proper Techniques for Failing: How NOT to form a dev team

Besides just keeping a log of what I’m up to, I like to try to make these things useful in some way (You know, so you’ll read them). I’m learning a lot of interesting things as I go, and one thing I have done an excellent job of failing at, is building a team. So […]

Hitting the Reset Button

Stonewood Games, in its current form, is disbanding. It’s not quite as dramatic as it sounds. This team of really brilliant creators that I was lucky enough to get together just hasn’t really accomplished much, so I’ve decided to hit the reset button. Despite the lack of output, however, it’s been great. I was able […]

Devlogs: What’s so special about ’em?

Writing an honest, consistent devlog is an extremely important part of indie game development that no developer should forego and I’ll tell you why. Your devlog is a record that allows you to look back and see how far you’ve come, or to look back (and laugh) at your mistakes so you can avoid repeating […]

Project Hex: GEO [Demo]

Three Words: Genetically. Enhanced. Ostrich.
Float, Spit, and Burn your way out of this mind-bending test facility.

Demo Released: Jan. 2015

[Devlog] (discontinued)

Karl Eats Corn

It's kinda like that one game... only different.

Released: June 2015

 Ludum Dare Games

The following games were each made in 48 hours for the online game jam, Ludum Dare.

Snake on a Plane

To be fair, the original snake was on a plane, too. 

Snake on a Plane was made in 48 hours for the online game jam, Ludum Dare (LD#38), in April 2017.

[Download] (Windows only)


A puzzley, mazey, find-all-the-things thing.

Room was made in 48 hours for the online game jam, Ludum Dare (LD#37), in Dec. 2016.


Tiny point-and-click adventure!

Snowbert was made in 48 hours for the online game jam, Ludum Dare (LD#31), in Dec. 2014.

Filter Prism

This game is hard. Ridiculously hard. [walkthrough]

Filter Prism was made in 48 hours for the online game jam, Ludum Dare (LD#30), in Aug. 2014.







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